I’m making an archive for myself that only I can read

I don’t want to make my self legible to people – to things – that aren’t giving the same in return

This is a boundary

Halberstam says that memorialization has a tendency

to tidy up disorderly histories[1]

Like memorializing a coming-of-age through social media


    in blog archives

is the internet, like, forever forever?

This is an invitation

The older I get, the less I care about public vulnerability.

I only care about making my bedroom nicer[2].

Isn’t all art a kind of confession?[3]

Well, I’m confessing that I’m sick of confessing.

Come over or DM me and I’ll show you my pretty bedroom and my photo albums and these little books I made.

I’ll tell you what the pictures are if I can remember.

[1] J Halberstam, The Queer Art Of Failure, Durham, Duke University Press, 2011, p. 28.

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Mika Benesh. If I Can Remember







(coming soon)


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